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Locating Pipe Leaks After Commercial Water Damage In Your Montgomery Hotel

11/20/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Locating Pipe Leaks After Commercial Water Damage In Your Montgomery Hotel These leaks can be visible in various places on a property but often originate from a different area that may be hidden within the structure.

Commercial Water Damage In Your Hotel

If you run a shop in Montgomery, you are probably aware of the importance of protecting your business from commercial water damage. Apart from health and hygiene factors, keeping your premises clean and well-maintained creates a positive image to customers, visitors, and staff. Additionally, it can save you money by extending the lifespan of your fittings.

At SERVPRO, we provide an extensive portfolio of commercial water damage services for Montgomery business owners. Our operations can be tailored to fit the needs of your hotel or other type of business, and all our technicians are highly trained and certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification). We also engage a wide range of organizations (including your insurance company) to ensure a comprehensive restoration process.

A thorough leak detection process allows SERVPRO technicians to trace the location of water leaks in the building. These leaks can be visible in various places on a property but often originate from a different area that may be hidden within the structure. Once we detect the source of the water damage, we initiate a full remediation procedure to restore all affected commercial properties. The idea is to return everything back to its original state with minimal disruption to the work environment.

SERVPRO water damage experts use various specialist equipment to locate leaks from pipes hidden in structural components. Thermal imaging camera is perhaps the most commonly used tool in this part of commercial water damage restoration. It works by checking for discrepancies in surface temperatures and then shows leaking water at a certain temperature that is different from other areas of a building material.

We may conduct the initial survey using a thermal imaging camera, which is able to detect marginal differences in surface temperatures of different materials during a commercial water damage situation. These cameras are particularly handy because they are non-invasive, allowing us to undertake the survey quickly without causing a lot of disruption.

When thermal imaging is not practical for certain water damage situations, we may use specialist acoustic listening devices. For instance, the pipes can be buried too deep within the structural materials or may be very well-insulated, making it hard to identify a change in temperature at the surface. Using advanced ground microphones, our technicians can trace and locate the source of the leak within no time.

If your hotel has sustained commercial water damage as a result of a pipe leakage, SERVPRO of Montgomery South can assess the extent of the damage and provide immediate restoration services. Our tools are up to par with industry standards, allowing us to return your business to preloss conditions as quickly as possible. Call us today at (334) 284-1612.

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Fire Damage Restoration Services You Can Trust in Montgomery

11/13/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage Restoration Services You Can Trust in Montgomery Call SERVPRO for Smoke and Odor Removal After a House FIre in Montgomery

Smoke and Odor Removal Require Professional Expertise

When as a resident of Montgomery you have encountered a damaging fire incident, there are some crucial steps you should take to prevent additional losses. Since you are not a restoration expert, there is a reason why you need to work with one. Below we are going to bring to your attention the work that restorers do to revive your property.

If you seek fire damage restoration services in Montgomery from a company like SERVPRO, you should expect structural cleaning, contents cleaning, and deodorization. Experts do a thorough cleaning that targets the floors, carpeting, woodwork, and walls - which are the main areas that fire and smoke hit during the disaster.

The trained SERVPRO experts begin by pre-testing the extent of the damage to determine the right cleaning products and equipment to use. By doing this cleaning, the lighter soot deposits can be eliminated, thus saving on the need for refinishing or repainting. The washing also prepares the surface for priming which also helps to suppress odors.

When the restoration technicians perform contents cleaning and deodorization, they target things like draperies, upholstery, furniture and area rugs. The restorers begin by testing all the materials in the structure to settle on the most appropriate methods. With that, they can decide to use dry or wet cleaning - the aim is to restore the contents to their earlier condition.

After a smoke or fire incident, your commercial property or home usually have offensive odors. Our SERVPRO technicians know the various specialized services to solve that issue. No matter how hard you try to cover the smell with any form of fragrance, it typically does not leave. The methodology lies in identifying the source of the odor and removing it through specialized deodorization techniques. Thermal foggers and ULV (Ultra Low Volume) Foggers are just but examples of equipment used during deodorization.

SERVPRO of Montgomery South is here to respond to all fire, mold, water and storm damage concerns. Call us at (334) 284-1612 to be served by professional industry leaders.

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Evaluating the Threat of Mold Damage on Your Montgomery Home

11/10/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Evaluating the Threat of Mold Damage on Your Montgomery Home Call SERVPRO immediately if you spot black mold in your home.

Three Identifying Conditions of Mold Damage in Your Home

The particular risk presented by mold damage in a Montgomery home can vary on many factors. Our inspectors are specially trained to identify and summarize specific characteristics of a mold infestation upon seeing and evaluating it with specialized tools and technology, but there are also a few more visible elements of the mold that can help us to determine how serious the problem is. While you should always call SERVPRO for mold in your home, at least to be sure that the problem is not more widespread in another area, these identifying conditions can help you to evaluate the severity of your problem.

Apparent Age

Some mold damage in Montgomery appears old, wilted, and dead. While this may merely indicate what type of mold it is, it can also help us to determine if we are dealing with a new or old mold problem. Newer patches of growth are typically moist and appear more vibrant than older ones, although this can vary by species. If you believe the mold to be dead, still call us so that we can verify and safely remove it, but be sure to let us know about its condition.


Some mold colors can be critical in evaluating the threat to your home. White mold usually indicates a very new patch of growth and can either be a warning sign of a more extensive and spreading problem, or an easy fix for our mold remediation techniques. Black mold can be hazardous and cause health effects with prolonged exposure. If you find black mold in your home, stay far away from it until we can arrive and quarantine the fungus.


A dry patch of mold growth does not last for long in the typical home. One of SERVPRO's first approaches to killing mold is to deny it water. If its source of moisture has already dried up, be sure to let us know, as we can capitalize on this and shorten restoration times.

SERVPRO of Montgomery South is a locally owned franchise with national resources, backing, and certifications that specializes in helping homeowners to overcome mold damage and other problems. Call us at (334) 284-1612.

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Removing Flood Damage in Montgomery

10/25/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Removing Flood Damage in Montgomery Call SERVPRO immediately after flood damage strikes your home, we are here to help 24/7.

SERVPRO Technicians Take the Necessary Steps to Restore Your Home After Flood Damage

Even weaker storms like Nate dropped an incredible amount of water on Alabama and the Gulf Coast. Montgomery homes did not suffer as much as other cities, but the flooding still caused extensive damage throughout our city.

When it comes to flood damage in Montgomery, it is possible to reduce the effects and remediation costs if homeowners move quickly to remove standing water. To meet this need, SERVPRO maintains a 24-hour response team with the latest equipment approved by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification).

Our teams arrive on site with at least one pump to begin work. If the power was knocked out or turned off for safety concerns, we bring in at least one portable generator to ensure uninterrupted power. For large homes, we bring in multiple pumps and a generator truck that runs continuously for 24 hours. Even with a residence like a mini-mansion, we can usually draw the water out in less time than that.

Removing the standing water is only the first step though. SERVPRO also maintains the equipment needed to restore your personal property, furniture, and structural property such as carpets and drywall. Our teams draw out trapped water, lower the humidity, and carefully dry out items to prevent secondary damage. Before we bring in any more equipment, however, we remove furniture and anything else that could stain carpets and floors, or we might damage.

Now we bring in water extraction wands. The moisture we remove from carpets and floors with the wands prevents or reduces carpet delamination and floorboards from warping without damaging the surface of either.

As this happens, other SERVPRO technicians set up dehumidifiers. These devices draw moisture from the air in affected rooms; over 25 gallons per day depending on the humidity level. To augment the dehumidifiers, team members also install air movers to circulate warm, dry air in the home and across damp surfaces which forces it out into the air.

The sight of a flooded home can just about paralyze a homeowner. If you are dealing with this and do not know what to do next, SERVPRO of Montgomery South is here to help. To have our team come out and start returning your home to its pre-flood state, call us at (334) 284-1612.

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Saving Montgomery Historical Sites From Water Damage

10/19/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Saving Montgomery Historical Sites From Water Damage Older buildings housing museums or art centers often suffer from chronic water damage that threatens the collections and the memories.

Commercial Water Damage Repair And Restoration

The City of Montgomery incorporated in 1819, and over the past 200 years, citizens experienced a broad range of historical events and memorable personages the current city showcases today. Older buildings housing museums or art centers often suffer from chronic water damage that threatens the collections and the memories. Our highly-qualified workers remediate the harm water incursions cause, saving our city’s history.

The elegant home turned famous author’s museum you manage struggles with aging plumbing and more than a century of precipitation on its shingled roof. Period furnishings and many rooms of papers and books are at risk of damage when small leaks deteriorate the structure of the building and threaten to soak into irreplaceable artifacts. Our crews train extensively on strategies useful when long-standing, incremental water damage reveals itself.

SERVPRO professionals know that storage areas often harbor hidden water damage, including seepage from cracked pipes and moisture that slowly makes it way down from leaks on the roof. First signals of this damage may be peeling paint, water stains on wallpaper, or warped shelving or floors. Do not delay if you suspect water is hiding behind walls or dripping down studs and onto the flooring. The integrity of the building itself is at risk, with repeated cycles of wetness swelling the wood framework of the museum’s storehouse and weakening walls and other surfaces.

Our technicians learn how to measure the moisture content of structural components, and the contents within a building through IICRC approved training. Scanning technology also allows us to find pockets of moisture that otherwise remains obscured. We devise a water removal and drying plan that halts water damage in its tracks, and then use proven methods to restore compromised ceilings, walls, and floors.

Equipment commonly used by our crews include industrial strength air movers, drying mats that pull moisture out of two or more flooring layers, and desiccant dehumidifiers that reduce ambient humidity and dampness in structure and contents. When indicated, SERVPRO crews may drill or cut holes to release water and to check for any microbial growth, frequently a problem with persistent water damage.

SERVPRO workers never consider a job completed until the source of the water damage is found and eliminated. We work with you and other contractors to isolate the leak or other cause of water invasion and to craft a solution.

SERVPRO of Montgomery South prides itself on supporting the arts and preservation of our community through our technical skills and experience when water damage threatens. Call (334) 284-1612 for a consultation if you suspect moisture is causing harm in a commercial setting.

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Power Outages During Hurricane Season Contributes to Ridgefield Mold Damage

10/14/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Power Outages During Hurricane Season Contributes to Ridgefield Mold Damage When a hurricane causes a power outage, mold can easily grow and spread. Call SERVPRO to properly remediate mold damage in your home.

SERVPRO’s Certified Technicians Can Get Your Mold Problem Under Control After a Storm Causes Mold to Grow and Spread

Escaping severe damage from the winds and rains accompanying a deescalating hurricane may cause a premature feeling of relief. Just when you hope the worst is over, sticky, warm air encourages secondary damage from mold in Ridgefield. A professional response to the microbial outbreak becomes necessary as the colonies proliferate quickly.

Excessive moisture is the ingredient that fuels mold damage in your Ridgefield dwelling. The moisture associated with the storm pairs with the strong winds, infusing the air as well, steeply increasing humidity inside your home. Unfortunately, your tools to reduce the airborne moisture are unavailable if power is out. Air conditioning works primarily by condensing and draining away warm, moist air, as does the operation of a dehumidifier. Without either, mold spores absorb the water in the air and begin their life cycle.

SERVPRO technicians are trained to find the source of moisture when we investigate a mold outbreak. Our crews know that absent a method to reduce ambient humidity readings of over 60 percent mold growth is common. Lack of power to run your dehumidifying equipment leaps out as the cause of the mold colonies growing on surfaces in your home. We devise a plan to remediate the current mold situation and reduce the humidity as quickly as possible.

The team SERVPRO dispatch to your home hold Applied Microbial Remediation Specialist certifications. We follow the protocol developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Using plastic draping and negative pressure air scrubbers, we first contain the affected areas to ensure no moldy particles escape into the rest of your home. The technicians remove the mold and any porous surfaces infiltrated by root-like extensions of hyphae, disposing of all moldy materials according to local hazardous waste rules. The affected areas are sanitized with appropriate antimicrobials, and lingering debris vacuumed up with HEPA filtered equipment.

Powerful portable dehumidifiers reduce the humidity, powered by equipment on our well-outfitted vehicles. Once the mold is contained, removed, and discarded, we may add air movers. Throughout, our crew measures air and structural moisture levels, aiming for an air humidity of 30 to 50 percent. Mold damage is avoided primarily through moisture control which becomes far more manageable when your power is restored. SERVPRO gives you the boost needed until your AC and other HVAC systems take over.

SERVPRO of Montgomery South comes to the rescue with our training and experience when losing power means rising interior humidity that invites mold growth. Call (334) 284-1612 for a consultation if mysterious mold damage needs attention.

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Your Family Home and Flood Damage in Montgomery

9/28/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Your Family Home and Flood Damage in Montgomery If flood water makes its way inside your home, call SERVPRO to restore your home.

Thorough Flood Damage Cleanup

Most of the time, heavy rain showers and thunderstorms bring pleasant feelings. There are times, though, when flooding is a direct result of these as they pass through the Montgomery area. Rainfall must have somewhere to go, or downhill areas suffer greatly.

There is always new construction in Montgomery, and this sometimes leads to flood damage of nearby homes. When the terrain in a section of town changes, it can cause rainfall to collect in areas that can not adequately handle the amount it receives. The water must go someplace, and as a result, it spreads out and enters homes.

Cleaning up after a flood is a very messy task. Working together as a team, SERVPRO's employees restore homes affected by flooding disasters. After removing the majority of the soil brought into your home by the water, slowly but steadily drying out your home is our next goal. As this happens, we remove damaged and non-salvageable items so we can concentrate better on cleaning and sanitizing the rest of your home and its contents.

It is important we thoroughly clean so that everything is sanitary and safe. Microbes can live in barely moist environments, so ensuring that your home is completely dry is also a crucial part of the restoration process. Our cleaning procedures can also include the use of antimicrobial agents to prevent mold and mildew growth. If any of these microorganisms are present, removal of most during the cleaning process happens readily. This is more beneficial than waiting for larger problems to develop and then taking care of them later.

Your kitchen is where you prepare your family's meals and snacks, and having a low level of contaminants and pathogens is vital for keeping your family healthy. We can sanitize every surface in your kitchen to help ensure that no flood-borne diseases can make your family ill. We can also inventory your food items that must be disposed of for you to give to your insurance provider if you choose to file a claim.

SERVPRO of Montgomery South makes sure that the equipment needed to restore your home after a flood damage disaster hits your home. Whenever you need us to make it “Like it never even happened,” call us at (334) 284-1612, regardless of the time of day, 365 days a year. We always answer our phone, so you can speak to someone who can help you right away.

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Answers to Water Damage Issues Storms Cause Throughout the Montgomery Area

9/21/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Answers to Water Damage Issues Storms Cause Throughout the Montgomery Area SERVPRO can help make damages left by a storm disappear "Like it never even happened."

Take Action Immediately After Water Damage Affects Your Home

A series of homeowners throughout Montgomery experience damages caused by high winds and water exposure after storms wreak havoc on the area. Your flood insurance may provide some assistance with internal damages. However, wind-driven rains that enter the structure are often not.

As storms cause more and more related water damage to your Montgomery area home, insurers tighten the language used in their policies. It has become essential for you to ask direct questions, to ensure you have the proper coverage when you need it. Wind, rain, hail, and floods, all present serious dangers that you need to be aware of that can cause significant damage to your building.

SERVPRO technicians can assist with reducing the costs associated with internal water damage, as well as roof damage resulting from severe winds. We thoroughly inspect your property after a storm and work with your insurance company to obtain proper compensation to produce the quality results you deserve.

Never avoid taking immediate action regarding water damage on your property after a storm. The longer you take to make a decision, the more damage you may suffer. Mopping up the area and hoping for the best, does not produce quality results you can count on to protect your family’s home.

It takes a professional to catch problems that hide in hard to reach areas, which is why SERVPRO technicians make themselves readily available to deliver professional water damage restoration services throughout the area. Our technicians are, “Faster to Any Size Disaster” making us readily available to address problems found in your home.

Whether you have standing water in your basement, a damaged garage, or leaks and stains in your home, SERVPRO can help. We are a locally owned and operated company that gives you access to industrial-grade equipment and a vast network of resources that make recovering after a savage storm easier. You are not alone; we can help you make damages disappear, “Like it never even happened.”

Take the opportunity to contact SERVPRO of Montgomery South to receive qualified water damage restoration services in Wynlakes, Brentwood and other surrounding areas, call today. (334) 284-1612

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Why You Must Hire Professionals to Restore Your Montgomery Home After Fire Damage

9/13/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Why You Must Hire Professionals to Restore Your Montgomery Home After Fire Damage If you experience a house fire, trust the professionals at SERVPRO to restore your home and make it "Like it never even happened."

Hidden damage and strong odors left behind by a house fire

Even after a small grease fire in your kitchen in Montgomery, you are going to wind up with plenty of damage afterward. You also must deal with a heavy smoky odor throughout your home, black soot on your ceiling and cabinets, burnt grease, and even melted appliances.

Many people attempt to clean up after a small fire in their Montgomery home themselves. However, it is best to leave the inspection and cleanup of the fire damage to the expertise of our technicians at SERVPRO. We are trained and certified to deal with situations like this and have the proper tools as well to restore your home back to its proper state thoroughly.

Kitchen fires produce a mixture of residues which must be cleaned properly. A big challenge of kitchen fires is you will most likely have more than one kind of material which burns and leaves residues. It is not an easy task for the average homeowner to understand how to clean these residues. The different kinds include natural substances such as wood, paper, or natural fabrics, protein substances like grease and burnt food, plus synthetic substances like plastics. It is best that each kind of substance is cleaned with the right method unique to that substance.

Smoke smells are tough to combat. You can keep cleaning, but the smell of smoke can linger still. Smoke particles are tiny, and each of them has an odor. These microscopic particles make their way inside your walls through air ducts, behind the wood trim, into cabinets, under carpeting, and more. Even if you are the best cleaner in the world, there are such a vast number of places you could miss, and it can take weeks for the smell to dissipate.

The fire could have also done more damage than you realize. If flames shot up an air duct, for instance, you may not know about some of the damage done. When you allow SERVPRO staff to inspect your home, we can find all the hidden damage so that your home is completely cleaned and restored, giving you a peace of mind.

SERVPRO of Montgomery South is a locally owned and operated company with the proper training to handle fire damage of all kinds. People who reside in Garden District, Hillwood Club, or Montgomery can reach us easily at any time by dialing (334) 284-1612.

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Addressing Mold Damage Found In Your Montgomery Area Home

8/18/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Addressing Mold Damage Found In Your Montgomery Area Home The mold must have a source of food, a dark location, and water, without any of these, mold sits dormant, possibly for years.

Addressing Mold Damage

As a naturally occurring portion of our environment, mold has a big job. It breaks down a variety of organic materials, recycling them back into our ecosystem. Every mold you find is not harmful, in fact, some are used to develop vitamins and medicines, like penicillin.

With that in mind, you probably agree that even if we could, we would never want to remove mold from our environment entirely. However, having mold damage in your Montgomery home makes promoting fondness of mold rather difficult. So, you need to understand how mold develops and what makes it tick, putting control over mold within your living environment very possible.

If you understand that most areas that mold can access within your home are often missing one of the three ingredients necessary to flourish properly, when it has all three, things can get out of hand quickly. The mold must have a source of food, a dark location, and water, without any of these, mold sits dormant, possibly for years. SERVPRO technicians take control, eliminate one of the three ingredients and remove contaminated materials to stop the spread fast.

Some species have learned to adapt to hazardous conditions, although this does not affect any of the common types found in our area, without water, our mold cannot grow. When you have a leaky faucet, sink, toilet, or another plumbing issue, mold takes advantage. Same goes for ignoring maintenance on your doors, windows, and flooring. SERVPRO can perform a full inspection of your property and determine what needs to happen to avoid growth.

It all comes down to how healthy you want your indoor living environment to be. As a full-grown healthy person, you have little to fear from the mold. However, excessive exposure to heavy growth can and does affect your health eventually. Having older family members, or small children and infants change things considerably, you should take immediate action to prevent a series of significant health risks, SERVPRO can help.

Call SERVPRO of Montgomery South for access to IICRC mold remediation specialists and start protecting your family better, today (334) 284-1612.

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