Recent Before & After Photos

Mold Damage – Montgomery Home

Mold damage in this Montgomery home can readily be viewed in the before photo. Regardless of where mold of this nature is found the cleanup process follows the ... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Montgomery Home

Mold damage at this Montgomery home developed along the baseboard. We used moisture detection equipment throughout the room, and dampness was detected behind th... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Hope Hull

Mold damage at this Hope Hull Home over-ran the entire kitchen. The before picture shows the containment area that we built to keep mold spores from flying thro... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Montgomery Bathroom

Mold damage developed throughout this Montgomery bathroom. Before beginning the remediation process, we built a containment area around the room. Then we starte... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage - Downtown Montgomery

Water damage at this downtown Montgomery office building was exceptionally severe requiring two entire floors to undergo extensive restoration. A sprinkler pipe... READ MORE

Flood Damage – Wynlakes Kitchen & Laundry

Flood Damage to this Wynlakes kitchen and laundry area started with the all too frequent water line leak. In this case, the water traveled along the pipe and sp... READ MORE

Office Building Water Damage in Montgomery

This unoccupied office building in Montgomery sustained water damage from a failed roof. The pooling water on the flat roof seeped down into the steel trusses a... READ MORE

Mold Damage in Montgomery Office

Mold Damage at this Montgomery office developed in between the walls and manifested itself along the baseboard. A bathroom is adjacent to the wall in the photo.... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Montgomery Disaster Recovery Team

The Storm Damage Restoration Team of Montgomery stays loaded and ready to roll anytime day or night. The team has disaster recovery team training from SERVPRO a... READ MORE

Mt. Miegs and Standing Water

Tile flooring does not suffer from pooling water like hardwood or laminated flooring does. It takes a small amount of water to damage the Mt. Miegs parquet surf... READ MORE