Recent Before & After Photos

Montgomery Neglected House and a Mold Infestation

After the Christmas season, this house was abandoned, and the steady leaks of water eventually led to significant mold infestations. Our SERVPRO applied microbi... READ MORE

Montgomery Gymnasium Floor Storm Damage

The groundwater from the sudden storm deposited a large volume of dirty water onto the hardwood floor of this gymnasium in Montgomery. The water pooled by the w... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Montgomery Beauty Salon

Storm damaged shut this Montgomery beauty salon down. Standing in water with electrical appliances in one’s hands is not a good idea. We received an emerg... READ MORE

Montgomery Kitchen Creates a Messy Smoke Damaging Event

Kitchen fires are the number one culprit of smoke and fire damage in a home in Montgomery. Even a turkey flaming in the oven caused sufficient smoke damage to w... READ MORE

Ridgefield Construction Site Water Damage

This construction site in Ridgefield had a burst water line over a weekend, and the resulting inch or so of water pooled throughout the building. The untreated ... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Montgomery Home

Mold damage at this Montgomery home developed along the baseboard. We used moisture detection equipment throughout the room, and dampness was detected behind th... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Hope Hull

Mold damage at this Hope Hull Home over-ran the entire kitchen. The before picture shows the containment area that we built to keep mold spores from flying thro... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Montgomery Bathroom

Mold damage developed throughout this Montgomery bathroom. Before beginning the remediation process, we built a containment area around the room. Then we starte... READ MORE

Montgomery Fire Damage

This photo shows a devastating fire damaged Montgomery property. The roof, attic crawl, walls, ceilings, and the furnishings were destroyed and would require a ... READ MORE

Pike Road City Fire Damage

At times, a devastating fire can leave a homeowner in total despair. This fire damage in Pike Road City shows a big mess that can be restored; technicians begin... READ MORE