Recent Before & After Photos

Laundry Room Pipe Leak Leads To Montgomery Water Damage

First glance does not capture the extent of the water damage to this home in Montgomery. The pipe leak from the laundry room spilled out sufficient water to soa... READ MORE

Results of Water Damaged Home in Montgomery

After the soaking water weighs down the drywall panels covering the ceiling, this visual can often be seen. Fallen materials and contaminated insulation in Mont... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage to a Montgomery Building

The flood waters that entered this structure in Montgomery contained mud and other contaminants that required a fast removal and cleanup. This can be extracted ... READ MORE

Montgomery Storm and Water Damage

The stormwater that flowed in from the parking lot covered the office suite with about an inch or less of water. The water was relatively clean and a rapid wate... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Montgomery Home

Mold damage in this Montgomery home can readily be viewed in the before photo. Regardless of where mold of this nature is found the cleanup process follows the ... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Montgomery Kitchen

Fire damage at this Montgomery home’s kitchen began as a grease fire and as the before photo shows it spread rapidly to the ceiling and ultimately to the ... READ MORE

Montgomery Kitchen Suffers Water Intrusion

The resultant water intrusion into the Montgomery apartment unit caused a lot of damage. The supply line to the cold water split spewing a large volume of water... READ MORE

Montgomery Neglected House and a Mold Infestation

After the Christmas season, this house was abandoned, and the steady leaks of water eventually led to significant mold infestations. Our SERVPRO applied microbi... READ MORE

Montgomery Gymnasium Floor Storm Damage

The groundwater from the sudden storm deposited a large volume of dirty water onto the hardwood floor of this gymnasium in Montgomery. The water pooled by the w... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Montgomery Beauty Salon

Storm damaged shut this Montgomery beauty salon down. Standing in water with electrical appliances in one’s hands is not a good idea. We received an emerg... READ MORE