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How Our Team Can Help You When Your Montgomery Business Experiences Mold Damage

1/19/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial How Our Team Can Help You When Your Montgomery Business Experiences Mold Damage Just give our experts a call at (334) 284-1612 as soon as you realize there is a problem so we can get it cleaned up right away.

Avoiding Commercial Mold Damage In Your Montgomery Business

When you own a coffee shop in Montgomery, there is specific maintenance that needs to be done to the building on a regular basis to keep everything running smoothly. Preventative measures not only keep your doors open but keep you and your employees safe. Keeping mold at bay is something to be aware of, as old can cause health effects.

If your building in Montgomery experiences commercial mold damage, it is something that needs to be handled right away by professional mold remediation specialists. At SERVPRO, our staff is trained and ready to help you at any time you need us. We understand that the interruption of service for any time is the loss of profits, so our technicians want to avoid this as much as possible.

Preventing mold is your best defense. Mold can be sneaky, growing in spots you would not have thought of right away. Therefore, making a routine inspection plan, specifically looking for signs of mold in areas that are typically damp and know for high moisture content, can help stop a problem before it gets out of hand. Musty smells or fuzzy stains on floors and walls are a sure sign of mold as well. If you notice these, contact SERVPRO techs right away, and we can take care of the moisture problem, clean the mold up and sanitize the area before the mold can spread any further.

Make any repairs needed as they come up. Leaky roofs, cracked foundations, and unsealed door frames and windows are all issues which can cause mold to grow. Always try to catch water damage and leaks before the wetness has a chance to lead to an outgrowth of mold.

Lower the moisture in your building. Humid air makes it easy for mold to start growing, so if need be, think about installing dehumidifiers or running smaller units in attics or basements to help keep things in your structure dry.

It is also helpful to ensure that your HVAC, heating, and ventilation in the building is regularly maintained and cleaned. Doing so can reduce the transfer of spores throughout your building if mold does begin to grow.

SERVPRO of Montgomery South can help you with any mold problem you may be having in your business in Matthews, Wynlakes, or Ridgefield. Just give our experts a call at (334) 284-1612 as soon as you realize there is a problem so we can get it cleaned up right away.

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Some Mistakes With Commercial Water Damage Remediation in Montgomery That You Should Avoid

11/9/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Some Mistakes With Commercial Water Damage Remediation in Montgomery That You Should Avoid Finding excess water or water damage in your store does not need to be a reason to close doors. Contact SERVPRO for water removal services.

When Water Lines Break, Commercial Water Removal Services Gets Your Montgomery Area Store Dry Again

Customers in your area often judge how well they like your neighborhood store by how clean it is when they visit. Keeping your Montgomery shop clean and neat helps maintain an excellent reputation but water that puddles on the floor from a small leak can make things seem dirty. Even a tiny crack in a water line can cause problems.
When your family-owned store has problems with plumbing or other water leaks, commercial water removal in Montgomery can get things dried out and back to a clean, healthy state. When SERVPRO works with your business, you can relax because we know how valuable your customers are to you. We want to restore the damaged areas and make everything “Like it never even happened,” no matter how much damage exists when we first arrive.
We first start by finding all the sources of unwanted water. We use moisture readers to help us find these places, and then work with you to get them shut off and sealed up. We may need to recommend a plumber if problems seem too complicated, but we work with several bonded, insured, and licensed plumbers in the area. We can fix smaller issues for you, as many times, this only involves tightening joints or fasteners.
After we have resolved the sources of the water, we can begin removing it from your floors. Hand-held extraction wands work well for small areas and pull water out of cracks and grooves between floorboards. Carpet cleaning technicians can remove excess water during regular-style cleaning techniques, and leave your store smelling clean and well-kept. If you desire follow-up deodorization, we can discuss highly effective options that last longer and do more than cover up offensive smells.
If more massive disasters affect your store, SERVPRO is prepared to handle that, also. No matter how much water affects your business, we have the equipment to make things right again. Powerful pumps mounted on our trucks can extract a high volume of water in a very short period. For any size problem requiring water removal, we use powerful air movers that increase air circulation and pull moisture out of damp materials. Our goal is to get your business back to normal as quickly as possible and help minimize the damage.
SERVPRO of Montgomery South works alongside businesses in Brentwood and Matthews, as well as those in the Downtown area. Call us for professional water removal services when your store or shop needs help. Our 24-hour service line is (334) 284-1612, and is available every day of the year.

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Overcoming Mold Damage In Your Montgomery Office Building

9/17/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Overcoming Mold Damage In Your Montgomery Office Building Mold is not a situation that goes away on its own and spreads quickly throughout a building to the point of being out of control.

Overcoming Mold Damage

Maintenance and upkeep of your Montgomery office building can often feel like an unending process. However, there are situations which require you to seek out the expertise and immediate response of professional restoration outfits to overcome potentially severe situations that threaten both the building and its employees.

Mold damages can happen for several different reasons in your Montgomery office, but the effect it can have should get taken very seriously. From the erosion and weakening of critical wall systems and construction materials to potential health risks you present to those exposed to an active colony within the building, mold needs immediate and focused action to remove completely. Our SERVPRO remediation technicians can help.

Regardless of what allowed for the moisture conditions necessary to get met within the office space, an active colony is a hazard to anyone exposed to it. Our technicians can isolate the affected areas using air scrubbers and by shutting off the air circulation system throughout the building until the colony gets removed. Given the extent of the damage, the affected material might need to get removed and replaced to remove the colony effectively. It is always the focus of our SERVPRO professionals to restore before rebuilding, so if the material can get restored instead of demolition and replacement, that is the most efficient approach.

Along with the removal of the colony, our technicians take a look through the duct system of the office space as well. These areas can not only serve as conduits to move active mold spores from one area to another but also have the potential for mold growth inside of this network as well. We ensure that the threat gets resolved before the area is cleared, disinfected and deodorized before you welcome employees back into the office building.

Mold is not a situation that goes away on its own and spreads quickly throughout a building to the point of being out of control. Trust in the rapid response of our SERVPRO of Montgomery South applied microbial remediation technicians to work to remove this hazardous intruder and get your office back to running efficiently. Give SERVPRO a call today at (334) 284-1612.

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How Commercial Water Damage Restoration In Montgomery Dries Your Property's Exterior Walls

8/7/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial How Commercial Water Damage Restoration In Montgomery Dries Your Property's Exterior Walls Apart from extracting the water from your building, there are additional problems such as mold damage and odors that result if you fail to act.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Professionals offering commercial water damage restoration services face unique challenges when drying your property. Apart from extracting the water from your building, there are additional problems such as mold damage and odors that result if you fail to act as soon as possible. In this post, we look at the various procedures we follow when drying exterior walls and cinder blocks when such incidents arise in Montgomery.

Our SERVPRO technicians understand that the insulation on the exterior walls of your Montgomery property can make commercial water damage difficult. It is because there is a reduced air circulation in the wall cavities, which increases the drying time. Even though the time the structure takes to dry increases, it is a cheaper option when compared to removing and replacing coverings such as sheetrock.

Since you are running a business, we might consider the extended drying time option to avoid interrupting the normal operations of your business. We prefer this as an option if we are handling a clean water event on a building with fiberglass insulation. To enhance air circulation within the wall cavity, we can drill holes at the top and bottom of the walls.

To dry a block structure, our SERVPRO technicians begin by looking at the open cell's contents. With time, the cells might hold some quantity of moisture or water - this happens when they equalize with the surrounding environmental conditions. The procedures we use to handle blocks with paint are different from what we use when dealing with the unpainted ones. Semi-gloss or gloss paint can reduce the rate of moisture transfer from the block wall's interior to exterior since they are moisture barriers.

If we are dealing with mortar walls, we can drill holes around the bottom region. These holes are easy to patch once the drying process is complete. Our SERVPRO team can use a nonpenetrating moisture meter to know whether drying is complete. All our operations are as per the local and state regulations.

SERVPRO of Montgomery South is an industry leader in fire, water, form, and mold remediation. Call our team at (334) 284-1612 at any time of the day and let us return your property to its preloss state.

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Montgomery's Commercial Water Removal Equipment

5/9/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Montgomery's Commercial Water Removal Equipment SERVPRO works quickly to remove water and restore your art studio t o help prevent loss of revenue for you.

SERVPRO Has the Right Equipment to Dry Out Your Commercial Space after Water Damage

If water ever leaks into your Montgomery art studio, specialized equipment is needed for proper mitigation. First, standing water gets removed with a submersible pump. Then, extraction systems get used to pull moisture out of carpet and upholstery. The next step in the restoration process is structural drying.

During drying procedures, air moving and dehumidification systems get set up. The goal in any commercial water removal project in Montgomery is to speed up the natural evaporation process. Moisture inside contents and building materials naturally evaporate moisture into the air.

Air movers help increase the rate of evaporation by replacing the moist air evaporated from wet materials with warm, dry air. Our IICRC certified technicians set up air movers so that they push air against wall surfaces at a 45-degree angle. The air then moves around the affected area in a counterclockwise motion, forcing all of the moist air coming from the walls into the center of the room.

Dehumidifiers then get set up in the center of the room to serve two purposes. The dehumidifier sucks in the moist air and pulls out the water and dispenses it out in liquid form. The devices then exhaust out hot, dry air that in turn gets used by the air movers to complete the process over again.

Air movers can serve a variety of functions during the structural drying process inside your studio. Not only can they help speed up drying in the entire affected region but they can also be used to dry other specific building materials. Air movers can be placed under the carpet and "float" it to dry the carpet backing and the subfloor underneath. They also are equipped with shrouds that allow them to dry out underneath cabinets and push air into wall cavities.

Whenever mitigating issues inside your place of business, our SERVPRO technicians do whatever it takes to prevent the restoration process from causing you a loss of revenue. All of your artwork gets inspected, and special drying procedures get considered if they are wet. We also try to complete the drying process during hours that you will not be working in your art studio.

We know that a water loss can be expensive enough without you enduring any loss of revenue due to mitigation work. For help with any restoration project on company property, call SERVPRO of Montgomery South at (334) 284-1612 24/7.

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What You Can Do When a Burst Pipe Floods Your Montgomery Arcade

4/17/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial What You Can Do When a Burst Pipe Floods Your Montgomery Arcade If your arcade is flooded from a burst pipe, contact SERVPRO immediately for fast water removal services.

Call the Professionals at SERVPRO for Fast and Efficient Water Removal Services

When your arcade is filled with ankle-deep water, it can be hard to imagine how you can deal with the water removal task on your own. A burst pipe can spew hundreds of gallons into your arcade before you manage to shut the water off. Pairing this issue with the fact that you own a local business can make you feel dejected. After all, any interruption to your flow of business is not good. Fortunately, there is professional help nearby that can take care of it for you.

We can swiftly get an estimator to you so they can inform you about the water removal process on your Montgomery property and answer any questions. They can work with you to figure out the best schedule to work on remediating the damage in your arcade. In the case of water removal, it is always best to work as soon as possible to get your business up and running again as if nothing happened in the first place.

Our IICRC certified technicians can arrive shortly after, equipped with advanced tools so they may swiftly remove the water that has stagnated on your property. We use extractors, a device that can remove water pools, clean carpets, and clean upholstery. If there are copious amounts of water to remove, these devices can even be truck mounted with larger tanks to handle it.

After removing the water, SERVPRO can use other tools like axial fans and desiccant dehumidifiers to return the moisture levels of your arcade to an acceptable amount. If your carpets are entirely waterlogged, the extractors can be used again to help dry them entirely, as the devices are able to use heat to do so.

If your business needs water removal services, do not wait. Call SERVPRO of Montgomery South at (334) 284-1612. 24/7, we can take your call and get the remediation process started, so we may restore your business to preloss conditions.

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Inspect, Restore, Complete: Water Damage Mitigation For Your Montgomery Area Business

2/28/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Inspect, Restore, Complete: Water Damage Mitigation For Your Montgomery Area Business You have many things to be concerned about when running a department store. Let us take water damage off your plate when dealing with a disaster.

SERVPRO Responds Quickly to Your Commercial Water Damage Emergency Call

Running a Montgomery department store comes with a lot of responsibility. You want to get all of your merchandise on the floor, employees in the right areas and to help your customers have the best experience possible during their visit.  

You may have recently experienced a freak storm or plumbing issue that left nasty stains on your walls or ceiling, cracks in your floor, or even mold in a storage room or bathroom. Commercial water damage in the Montgomery area can hit your business in many ways. By making a single phone call, you can get the help you need to restore these problems and have a high chance of never even closing your doors.

SERVPRO takes your concerns into account when evaluating and planning the conditions present in your department store. We have IICRC certified teams available 24/7, making it easy to perform services after hours or during downtimes for your business. We work with your insurance agent and keep you informed of any changes throughout the restoration process.  

SERVPRO understands that every hour can cost your company revenue and wants to help you find ways to get the expert services you deserve while maintaining normal operations. We support business owners in our local community and provide you with quality services you can count on to keep you running. Our restoration technicians have access to all of the equipment and resources necessary to help you regain control and continue moving forward.

SERVPRO is locally owned and operated, which means that we live, work, and play right here in the same local community. We want to provide you with excellent water damage solutions you can trust and are proud to offer cleanup and restoration services to every member of our local community. You can rest assured that our team stands ready to respond to your request for help, immediately.

SERVPRO of Montgomery South provides the entire Wynlakes, Brentwood, Matthews area with quality water, fire, storm, and flood damage restoration services that help you stay on track. Call to schedule an initial inspection or to begin your properties restoration, today. (334) 284-1612

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Dormitory Residents Need Not Dread the Possibility of Mold Damage in Montgomery

1/9/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Dormitory Residents Need Not Dread the Possibility of Mold Damage in Montgomery College rooms and bathrooms need not harbor mold. Contact SERVPRO right away for remediation and for preventative tips.

Certified SERVPRO Technicians Remediate Mold Infestations Thoroughly

Alabama’s capital city is home to a number of institutions of higher learning. Students moving to Montgomery for the school year rely on their schools’ assurance to provide clean and safe dormitory accommodations. Mold issues can break this promise unless reliable mold remediation services are procured.
Group living situations can provide the perfect environment for commercial mold growth in Montgomery. Shared bathrooms and shower areas in a busy dorm mean that the water runs literally 24 hours a day. The architectural beauty of a historical residence hall can hide decades of water damage in hidden or inaccessible areas. Refrigerators, air conditioners, tea and coffee pots, vaporizers and humidifiers, and the inevitable spillage from knocked over beverages all provide the one thing mold spores need to multiply -- moisture.
SERVPRO technicians have the training and the experience to help school building management services to attack and win the fight against mold damage in the dormitory. Our mold remediation crews receive training in Applied Microbial Remediation and hold the title of Specialists in the field when they complete the courses. We follow the EPA protocols for mold remediation in schools and commercial buildings. Our capacity to respond to even a massive mold infestation in a multi-wing and level residence hall is well-established, the association with our nationwide group of restoration companies permitting us to scale up our efforts if required.
Our project managers assess the situation and coordinate the crews and equipment needed to contain and remove the mold. As students live, sleep, study, and play near the areas we address, it is critical to contain the spread of moldy debris. SERVPRO employs a number of strategies, including physical barriers like heavy duty plastic sheeting and advanced technologies such as negative pressure air scrubbers that filter the air and exhaust contaminants safely out of the spaces.
The SERVPRO remediation team removes the mold colonies and any porous structures the multicellular mold filaments, hyphae, invaded. Non-porous surfaces are cleaned thoroughly of the mold and then treated with antimicrobials to inhibit future mold growth.
Before SERVPRO considers a structure remediated, the location of moisture sources must be located and eliminated. In a dormitory, this can be a broad range of things. Rather than being overwhelmed by the search, our employees are eager to find and repair the leaks and share strategies to limit moisture in other ways. Bathroom exhaust fans, inspections of refrigerators and AC units for leaks and clogs, as well as vigilance in keeping rooms and common areas free of unattended spills and overflows is essential.
SERVPRO of Montgomery South has the trained technicians, the tools, and the experience to remediate even a complicated commercial mold damage loss. Call us at (334) 284-1612 to arrange an inspection and consultation.

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Locating Pipe Leaks After Commercial Water Damage In Your Montgomery Hotel

11/20/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Locating Pipe Leaks After Commercial Water Damage In Your Montgomery Hotel These leaks can be visible in various places on a property but often originate from a different area that may be hidden within the structure.

Commercial Water Damage In Your Hotel

If you run a shop in Montgomery, you are probably aware of the importance of protecting your business from commercial water damage. Apart from health and hygiene factors, keeping your premises clean and well-maintained creates a positive image to customers, visitors, and staff. Additionally, it can save you money by extending the lifespan of your fittings.

At SERVPRO, we provide an extensive portfolio of commercial water damage services for Montgomery business owners. Our operations can be tailored to fit the needs of your hotel or other type of business, and all our technicians are highly trained and certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification). We also engage a wide range of organizations (including your insurance company) to ensure a comprehensive restoration process.

A thorough leak detection process allows SERVPRO technicians to trace the location of water leaks in the building. These leaks can be visible in various places on a property but often originate from a different area that may be hidden within the structure. Once we detect the source of the water damage, we initiate a full remediation procedure to restore all affected commercial properties. The idea is to return everything back to its original state with minimal disruption to the work environment.

SERVPRO water damage experts use various specialist equipment to locate leaks from pipes hidden in structural components. Thermal imaging camera is perhaps the most commonly used tool in this part of commercial water damage restoration. It works by checking for discrepancies in surface temperatures and then shows leaking water at a certain temperature that is different from other areas of a building material.

We may conduct the initial survey using a thermal imaging camera, which is able to detect marginal differences in surface temperatures of different materials during a commercial water damage situation. These cameras are particularly handy because they are non-invasive, allowing us to undertake the survey quickly without causing a lot of disruption.

When thermal imaging is not practical for certain water damage situations, we may use specialist acoustic listening devices. For instance, the pipes can be buried too deep within the structural materials or may be very well-insulated, making it hard to identify a change in temperature at the surface. Using advanced ground microphones, our technicians can trace and locate the source of the leak within no time.

If your hotel has sustained commercial water damage as a result of a pipe leakage, SERVPRO of Montgomery South can assess the extent of the damage and provide immediate restoration services. Our tools are up to par with industry standards, allowing us to return your business to preloss conditions as quickly as possible. Call us today at (334) 284-1612.

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Saving Montgomery Historical Sites From Water Damage

10/19/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Saving Montgomery Historical Sites From Water Damage Older buildings housing museums or art centers often suffer from chronic water damage that threatens the collections and the memories.

Commercial Water Damage Repair And Restoration

The City of Montgomery incorporated in 1819, and over the past 200 years, citizens experienced a broad range of historical events and memorable personages the current city showcases today. Older buildings housing museums or art centers often suffer from chronic water damage that threatens the collections and the memories. Our highly-qualified workers remediate the harm water incursions cause, saving our city’s history.

The elegant home turned famous author’s museum you manage struggles with aging plumbing and more than a century of precipitation on its shingled roof. Period furnishings and many rooms of papers and books are at risk of damage when small leaks deteriorate the structure of the building and threaten to soak into irreplaceable artifacts. Our crews train extensively on strategies useful when long-standing, incremental water damage reveals itself.

SERVPRO professionals know that storage areas often harbor hidden water damage, including seepage from cracked pipes and moisture that slowly makes it way down from leaks on the roof. First signals of this damage may be peeling paint, water stains on wallpaper, or warped shelving or floors. Do not delay if you suspect water is hiding behind walls or dripping down studs and onto the flooring. The integrity of the building itself is at risk, with repeated cycles of wetness swelling the wood framework of the museum’s storehouse and weakening walls and other surfaces.

Our technicians learn how to measure the moisture content of structural components, and the contents within a building through IICRC approved training. Scanning technology also allows us to find pockets of moisture that otherwise remains obscured. We devise a water removal and drying plan that halts water damage in its tracks, and then use proven methods to restore compromised ceilings, walls, and floors.

Equipment commonly used by our crews include industrial strength air movers, drying mats that pull moisture out of two or more flooring layers, and desiccant dehumidifiers that reduce ambient humidity and dampness in structure and contents. When indicated, SERVPRO crews may drill or cut holes to release water and to check for any microbial growth, frequently a problem with persistent water damage.

SERVPRO workers never consider a job completed until the source of the water damage is found and eliminated. We work with you and other contractors to isolate the leak or other cause of water invasion and to craft a solution.

SERVPRO of Montgomery South prides itself on supporting the arts and preservation of our community through our technical skills and experience when water damage threatens. Call (334) 284-1612 for a consultation if you suspect moisture is causing harm in a commercial setting.

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Smooth Skating After SERVPRO Restores Rink Water Damage in Montgomery

6/27/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Smooth Skating After SERVPRO Restores Rink Water Damage in Montgomery Call SERVPRO to come out and evaluate any water damage at your rink so that your customers can go back to having fun skating.

Our Technicians Quickly Deal with Water Damage at Your Business Location

No business relies more upon a secure and even expanse of floor than a roller rink. Water leaking into the building and saturating the floor threatens the integrity of the rink surface. To ensure the pleasure and safety of paying customers, smart proprietors look to the expertise of SERVPRO to restore commercial water damage.
A burst pipe or leaky flat roof causes significant commercial water damage to your Montgomery entertainment venue. You run an arcade, restaurant, and roller rink 24 hours a day. There literally is no time for anything more than routine maintenance without disappointing customers. Our speedy and skilled staff have the ability to find your water incursion problem, recommend a permanent fix, and then attend to the residual water damage stemming from the unwanted moisture.
Once we help you arrange to repair the plumbing or leak, it is on to evaluating the harm the water saturation did to your skating surface and viewing surfaces. Tiled floors underlie the areas where family and friends gather at tables to celebrate birthdays, date nights and other events. The rink itself is hardwood, a flexible yet stable surface for everything from beginners just getting the hang of rolling along to seasoned rink aficionados skating forward, backward, and in intricate patterns. Warping, buckling, cupping, and crowning are all symptoms of water damage unrepaired. Any of these issues make the rink unsafe and deter fun-seekers from skimming around with abandon.
SERVPRO technicians train extensively in the methodology of wood and tile water damage prevention and restoration. The key is to engage our services immediately so that the considerable damage water may do is minimized. Wood is very resilient if water is cleared quickly. The problems begin when moisture infiltrates and is absorbed deeply into the fibers of the wood. Swelling then occurs, causing the wood to become uneven and distorted. Even if efforts are made to be certain the top layer is dried, deterioration sneaks up if the subflooring is soaked and again wets the rink surface.
Our crews have a broad array of equipment and strategies to abate the water damage. Pumps and extractors remove the obvious water. Air movers and dehumidifiers then join in to help, and floor drying mats get even closer to the moisture to reduce the levels. SERVPRO employees know how to determine drying goals for all levels of your rink surface, and consistent moisture monitoring ensures the reduction in wetness is accomplished in a balanced way that avoids inconsistent treatment that results in a wavy or brittle floor.
Count on the expertise of the staff at SERVPRO of Montgomery South when you have thousands of square feet of water-logged wood floor that needs to be restored to a smooth, seamless surface. A single call to (334) 284-1612 partners you with the team that delivers your desired results.

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Commercial Water Damage And How It Can Affect A Photography Studio In Montgomery

5/18/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Water Damage And How It Can Affect A Photography Studio In Montgomery When water damage is present, this can lead to not only mold growth but also stains and mustiness.

Commercial Water Damage To A Photography Studio

Running a photography studio is sure to guarantee your days are filled with smiling people and adorable babies. There is much more to operating a prosperous studio than just the cameras, however.

Studios in Montgomery need to have the correct backdrops, props, and other tools, but commercial water damage can alter these tools of the trade by letting mold grow, stains appear, and off-smells to develop that nobody wants to be near. SERVPRO technicians know how to get everything back to how it should be, through and quickly, so you can get everything back on track again.

After we have made sure that future water leaks are no longer possible, if that was the initial cause, we begin working toward restoring everything that has been damaged. As in any other business, photo studios are full of various materials, all of which need specialized care and treatment for them to all be restored fully.

Fabric backdrops and other cloth props can be cleaned in our facilities and then brought back to your studio. When water damage is present, this can lead to not only mold growth but also stains and mustiness. Our equipment rids washable items of all of these, efficiently.

Plastic props can develop cruddy-looking mold deposits, especially in grooves and other indented details. We can clean these at your studio or our facility, making them look new again. The same goes for wooden props, such as wagons, rocking chairs, blocks, and other décor. If you sell frames, we can also ensure that these have no signs of water damage on them that would prevent their use.

Carpets are often part of the shot when babies and toddlers are involved, so these need to be not only clean in appearance but also be clean deep-down, and smell like it, too. Parents who are fine with placing their child on a smelly carpet are few and far between. To wrap everything up and make sure that water damage is a thing of the past, our Odor Control Technician (OCT) can also make your studio smell fresh and clean again. We know it is hardly an easy task to smile when the air around you smells terrible, and this can affect your clients' reaction while in your studio, and their photographs.

SERVPRO of Montgomery South wants to ensure that our community's businesses thrive instead of faltering when faced with disasters such as water damage. Our number, (334) 284-1612, is always answered, regardless of the hour or date. We are always here to do what we do best – restore your business so you can continue to provide the best to our community.

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Event Center Fire Damage Linked to Wedding Celebration

3/22/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Event Center Fire Damage Linked to Wedding Celebration Don't let a happy event in your hotel ballroom leave you with fire and water damages. Call SERVPRO to assess and remediate.

Local Businesses Prepare for Any Kind of Possible Damage by Having SERVPRO on Speed-dial in Case of Emergency

Your smoking prohibitions are of little use against a celebratory cigar while friends and families get together to toast a newly wedded couple. If a guest pushes the envelope and lights up, a rule is broken. When the cigar then smolders, and a fire breaks out because it is neglected during the festivities, the SERVPRO team moves in to minimize the mistake.
Event venue businesses thrive when guests purchase your ballroom, bar, and catering services for the big occasions in their lives. The intensity of the fellowship and fun of the wedding party breed innocent mistakes that ignite a night of frivolity into commercial fire damage to your Montgomery event center. Local fire codes protect your property with smoke detectors and sprinkler systems, adding water damage to the soot, smoke, and charring. Your business needs an answer to “which restoration company near me manages fire and water damage?” Our long term experience with both water and fire damage combines with the industry-leading training our technicians receive to indicate we are the contractor you seek.
Closure of your entire property risks business ruin for you as the fire and water damage is contained and restored. The nature of your industry needs you to honor reservations sometimes made years in advance. Knowing the project manager assigned to your situation adjusts the scale of staff and machinery to clean and dry the area should be very comforting. We hire the professionals and own the equipment to take your venue from wet and sooty to clean and refreshed quickly and more efficiently.
Deciding to have your own housekeeping staff manage the cleanup after a fire has pros and cons. An immediate response even from your housekeepers is unlikely as the fire probably occurred when your employees were mainly servers, bartenders, and event planners. SERVPRO is Faster To Any Size Disaster, available 24/7. Our technicians dedicate many hours to learning how to clean up after a fire the proper way, using tools and products precisely matched to the damage at hand. Training in HVAC system inspection, cleaning, and sealing permits our staff to offer you a cleaning and restoring a level of service beyond traditional cleaning professionals.
Plan to have SERVPRO of Montgomery South on speed dial to help you recover fast if a fire damages your event center. Calling (334) 284-1612 guarantees a response within hours, with the specialized staff and equipment to meet your needs.

Commercial Flood Damage in Montgomery

1/15/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Flood Damage in Montgomery Let SERVPRO handle your flood damage and get back to business.

Preparation is Key to Minimizing the Affects of Flood Damage

Making your way to work, you wonder how bad the storm will be that is heading your way, the area is known for flooding. You have a plan in mind to limit your store's exposure. Turning to the local weather station, you hear the report, heavy rains for most of the day, no serious problems to report. When you arrive at your store, the rain is already coming down pretty hard. You are almost ready to open, when you take another look outside, it has not let up at all. You head to the back office to check the weather again. Now they are talking about torrential rains, heavy storms throughout the area, this sends up red flags and causes you to shift gears. You send some employees home and enlist others to help with preparation duties.
Don't wait for commercial flood damage to affect your Montgomery business. Being prepared in locations where flooding is common can give you a chance to get ahead of the possible losses that you experience. Even if you over-prepare, a few hours of your time costs a whole lot less than the damages that may affect your business. It is better than having to deal with massive water removal or the potential loss of inventory due to flooding. While there is still plenty that may surprise you during such an event, you have the ability to mitigate additional damages to your business and take the lead in water damage situations.
Keeping this in mind, SERVPRO technicians would like to share some valuable information concerning the different types of water that your business may become exposed to during a flood. Various types of water, cause changing circumstances. According to the IICRC, there are three categories of water pollution to consider:
Category 1 - Clean Sanitary Water: Water that doesn't require special handling, but may need special equipment to remove. Depending on the size of the flood.
Category 2 - Significantly Contaminated Water: Water that needs both special handling and disposal. Regardless of the scale of the flood.
Category 3 - Grossly Contaminated Water: Water that requires special handling by law.
The category that the water falls into will determine how SERVPRO technicians react and the types of services we offer during our initial inspection of your property for flood damage. We always provide water removal services, but some jobs require more abrasive cleaning methods than others. Every job is different, requiring our technicians to approach each situation in a unique way.
Using the proper water removal and drying techniques, in combination with specialized equipment. SERVPRO technicians provide you with a quick, efficient service that limits distractions to your customers. Enabling you to remain open during repairs and assisting you with limiting the losses you may have to endure.
Contact SERVPRO of Montgomery today, (334) 284-1612.

Financial Losses of Montgomery Retail Stores in Flooding

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Commercial Financial Losses of Montgomery Retail Stores in Flooding Flooding can typically stop your business from operating. Call SERVPRO to discuss speeding up the restoration process!

Quick Remediation Can Save Your Business

Retail locations lose money in a number of ways during a flood and its aftermath, and many business owners do not see some of these losses coming. Even light floods typically close doors for at least a few days, and can cost thousands in combined expenses. Heavier floods, of course, can have a much greater impact. When negotiating with insurers or computing your financial loss, be sure to include these factors into your calculations.

Immediate Inventory Loss and Repair Costs

The most obvious, and typically the most easily accounted for, loss that most stores take is in inventory loss and restoration costs. Businesses in Montgomery deal with commercial water removal, repainting, floor replacement, and merchandise loss in most cases, and these costs can add up quickly. Fortunately, an insurance company will usually take these expenses into account immediately and cover for them, and our teams can help with taking inventory and tracking costs incurred.

Customer Loss and Long-Term Profits

Although this is often much more difficult to track, loss of regular customers and brand identity may end up costing you more than the cost of repairs and merchandise. While your store is undergoing restoration, customers will be forced to find an alternative business, and may stay with that business even after you have reopened. This is one of the primary reasons why SERVPRO emphasizes a fast path to opening doors again.

Employee Losses and HR Expenses

Most employees will not want to wait more than a few weeks at most for you to reopen without pay, meaning that in some cases you might have to seek out replacements or pay employee salaries while no revenue is coming in. Either option will end up with financial loss, and possibly with problems in readjusting old employees or introducing new ones.

SERVPRO of Montgomery helps local businesses to reopen as quickly as possible and at low financial loss. Call us today for our fast responses and quality restoration services at (334) 284-1612.

Three Essential Things You Need When Water is Flooding Your Property

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Commercial Three Essential Things You Need When Water is Flooding Your Property Flooded Stairway In Need of Remediation

Water Damage Must Be Remediated Promptly To Prevent Mold Damage

Flooding in a home is probably a more common event than most people think. Because water damage can be caused by a number of different situations, it is important that people know how to handle these problems well in advance. With that being said, here are three essential things that a homeowner needs when there are flood waters in their home.
#1 - Immediate Help to Prevent Secondary Damage

When flood waters enter the home, one of the most critical responses to this type of situation is to get immediate help. Fortunately, our team of commercial water damage restoration technicians is available to homeowners in immediate and surrounding areas on a 24 hour / 7 days a week basis. Therefore, when the homeowner or another family member contact our customer support line for the services, we can send the support needed right away. This emergency team’s primary goal is to remove the excessive waters from the home as quickly as possible to prevent secondary damage. For instance, if the excessive water is not removed from the home and the items that have been affected are not dried out quickly, the owner may experience additional problems like mold growing and spreading.
#2 - Trained Staff of Water Removal Recovery Technicians

In addition to the homeowner requesting emergency services to remove the water, people should also know that the staff that is sent onsite must have the appropriate Downtown Montgomery water damage expertise to do the job. Therefore, to ensure that we always send the best resources in the industry, we offer help that is highly trained and that has been certified to these jobs. From removing water from the home with specific techniques to making sure the staff is familiar with the latest knowledge in the industry, the teams that we deploy are highly skilled in water restoration solutions and getting the homeowners back in their home comfortably in the shortest amount of time possible. For example, our technicians are provided with restoration training before they obtain their certification.
#3 - Specialized Equipment

Even though some people may feel like they can handle the job with an industrial vacuum cleaner, it is important to know that this is not necessarily true. This is because there is both visible and hidden water that has to be removed and dried completely to prevent any further unnecessary damage. Our team of technicians will enter the property with all kinds of different specialized equipment to remove the water, dry the items affected and deodorize the home. For instance, our technicians have detection equipment for scoping out the site to identify the water that you cannot see with the naked eye.
So, for those of you who need help with a flooding problem in your home today, you can contact SERVPRO of Montgomery South at 334-284-1612 today.

The Importance of Restoration

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Commercial The Importance of Restoration Damaged Five Story Commercial Building

SERVPRO Can Get Your Property Back To How It Was Before The Damage

When it comes to commercial damage, it is important to restore the property as soon as possible. Depending on the damage, problems with the property can arise beyond the initial damage. There are many different types of damages that commercial and residential properties could undergo. Among the damages are fire, water, mold, and plenty of others. If your property has been damaged as a result of a storm, a flood, fire, mold or any other hazards, get in contact with us at SERVPRO so that we can take care of your property.
We have the experience, skill, and equipment needed to take thorough care of your property. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and during the holidays. We understand that commercial property damage in Pike Road City could occur at any time. Therefore, we make it a point to be available at any time to respond immediately to any emergency call. We can handle any damage effectively and thoroughly. We not only take care of floods or other types of damage to property, but we also do restoration work.
Restoration work is vital because it could save a lot of money compared to replacing damaged pieces of property. We not only get rid of any smoke, fire, and water damages, but we also make sure the areas that have been affected by the catastrophe are restored to the same condition they were in before they were damaged.
We have the required equipment for the job including infrared equipment and water pumps among many others. This allows us to find moisture in places where it is hard to reach and even detect. We handle mold problems that occur as a result of moisture so that you can be safe from any potential health hazards.
We at SERVPRO of Montgomery South are willing and able to give you assistance. If you are faced with any commercial property damages, you should contact us at (334) 284-1612. We will meet with you and get your property restored to a much safer condition.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Services

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Commercial Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Services Firefighters Battling a Fire in a Small Business in Montgomery

SERVPRO Professionals  Remediate Commercial Fire Damage

When your business has experienced fire damage in Montgomery, you’ll want to find a fire restoration company right away to help you clean up and salvage anything possible. A twenty-four-hour service can answer any of your immediate questions which you could have and give you some helpful tips on what to do first. They can inventory your contents and pack them up for cleaning and storage until they have finished the restoration.

To begin the process of cleanup, they may wet wash and chem sponge all of the content and structures of your business. Truck mounted de-ionized hot water extraction can be used for upholstery and carpeting.

Air scrubbers will change the air by using a multi-system filtration unit, which includes powerful charcoal and HEPA filters. This system of filtration effectively removes soot and smoke odor molecules in the air, which gives you the first step in the air cleaning process and the first step in stopping any recontamination. Next, odor control will be done using ozone machines and hydroxyl air cleansing equipment that makes the molecules odorless. This two-step process of smoke odor removal after Montgomery fire damage is needed to rid your business effectively of the smoke and soot odor after a fire.
Some of the services of a 24-hour fire restoration company can include:

  • 24-hour emergency boarding up
  • Fire damage reconstruction
  • Fire damage restoration
  • Removal of smoke odor
  • Content storage
  • Content restoration services
  • Restoration of electronics
  • Pack out and inventory system
  • Water damage restoration
  • Soot clean up
  • Restoration of furniture
  • Water extraction
  • Structure drying

SERVPRO of Montgomery is a locally owned and operated business. We offer a fast, efficient, and effective response to your residential fire damage. When commercial or residential fire damage occurs in Montgomery, Downtown Montgomery, Pike Road City or the surrounding area, we have the resources and personnel to help. You can call us for assistance at any time of the day or night. Please feel free to contact us at (334) 284-1612 for more information or instant help.

Commercial Water Damage Requires Fast Restoration

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Commercial Commercial Water Damage Requires Fast Restoration SERVPRO Can Help Your Water Damaged Business in Montgomery Reopen It's Doors

A Water Damaged Office  Is Quickly Back in Business Thanks to SERVPRO

Water damage in Montgomery can be devastating to your office. When water damages your business, it can cost you your business and all your efforts striving for success. This is especially true if you have a commercial, industrial, or distribution facility.

Causes of water damage include defective suppression fire sprinkler systems, frozen pipes, flood damage, and plumbing issues. A quality water damage restoration team can help with commercial water damage to your business or facility by stemming the damage; and, rapidly begin clean up and repairs. SERVPRO can assist in resolving your water damage problems quickly and efficiently.

A quality restoration company with knowledgeable staff and certified IICRC technicians can handle all disasters and commercial flooding problems. For example, it is the middle of the night and a pipe breaks in your commercial warehouse. Thousands of gallons of water are damaging your structure, equipment, and inventory. Call water damage restoration professionals right away. We offer 24-hour service to all water damaging emergencies. We adhere to strict guidelines to ensure cleanup is safe, efficient, and effective. Our management team offers seminars and presentations to businesses to provide support on water damage issues and how to prevent these events from occurring. This can at least help you in the future.

If you do not take care of water damage properly, or you ignore an on-going leak, you could cost your business more money and time in the future. The financial loss of revenue can compound the additional costs of restoration. The effects of water damage can be dangerous to you and your employees and add to water damage issues with mold, poor air quality, and health issues. Don't prolong repairs and then be faced with additional equipment failures and expenses. Commercial water damage technicians from SERVPRO fix your damage safely, quickly, and efficiently.

Calling a water damage restoration professional is the only way to ensure that your commercial water damage in Montgomery is mitigated to reduce secondary damage to the building and its contents. SERVPRO provides immediate service, backed up by industry leading equipment and teams, to allow you to once again to conduct business as usual. "Like it never even happened."

Commercial Water Restoration Presents Unique Challenges

SERVPRO of Montgomery has the experience, training, and equipment to handle large commercial flooding or water damage emergencies in Montgomery, Pike Road City, and Wynlakes. Call us for 24/7 emergency assistance at (334) 284-1612