Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Montgomery Residential Water Damage Cleanup

There was trouble with this water loss in a Montgomery home. The concrete slab leaked and the hydrostatic pressure of the groundwater pushed up into the tiled f... READ MORE

Laundry Room Pipe Leak Leads To Montgomery Water Damage

First glance does not capture the extent of the water damage to this home in Montgomery. The pipe leak from the laundry room spilled out sufficient water to soa... READ MORE

Results of Water Damaged Home in Montgomery

After the soaking water weighs down the drywall panels covering the ceiling, this visual can often be seen. Fallen materials and contaminated insulation in Mont... READ MORE

Montgomery Kitchen Suffers Water Intrusion

The resultant water intrusion into the Montgomery apartment unit caused a lot of damage. The supply line to the cold water split spewing a large volume of water... READ MORE

Ridgefield Construction Site Water Damage

This construction site in Ridgefield had a burst water line over a weekend, and the resulting inch or so of water pooled throughout the building. The untreated ... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage - Downtown Montgomery

Water damage at this downtown Montgomery office building was exceptionally severe requiring two entire floors to undergo extensive restoration. A sprinkler pipe... READ MORE

Flood Damage – Wynlakes Kitchen & Laundry

Flood Damage to this Wynlakes kitchen and laundry area started with the all too frequent water line leak. In this case, the water traveled along the pipe and sp... READ MORE

Water Damage Can Happen in Wynlakes

When a pond of water appears on your floor fast action is required to limit the damages that may occur. A Wynlakes home suffering water damage similar to this p... READ MORE

Mt. Miegs and Standing Water

Tile flooring does not suffer from pooling water like hardwood or laminated flooring does. It takes a small amount of water to damage the Mt. Miegs parquet surf... READ MORE