Recent Before & After Photos

Emergency Cleanup in Montgomery

The Before Photo does not show the car that rammed into this building in the Montgomery area. Just the busted walls and framing. Locals know that SERVPRO--We're... READ MORE

Fire Cleanup and Restoration in Montgomery

Significant house fires can affect different rooms or wings of structures in the Montgomery area. Our Green Fleet can arrive soon after the emergency call for h... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage Restoration In Montgomery

Our crew at SERVPRO was contacted regarding a commercial water damage emergency at a property in Montgomery. A roof leak from substantial rain caused significan... READ MORE

Montgomery Residential Water Damage Cleanup

There was trouble with this water loss in a Montgomery home. The concrete slab leaked and the hydrostatic pressure of the groundwater pushed up into the tiled f... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage Restoration In Montgomery

We were called out to a construction site regarding significant water damage to the property. The damage was caused by a coupling system breaking and the pump l... READ MORE

Storm Damage from Roof to Floor--Montgomery

When a wicked windstorm also dumps high volumes of water through the roof and the doors the damage to a Montgomery property can be very substantial. Once the da... READ MORE

Laundry Room Pipe Leak Leads To Montgomery Water Damage

First glance does not capture the extent of the water damage to this home in Montgomery. The pipe leak from the laundry room spilled out sufficient water to soa... READ MORE

Results of Water Damaged Home in Montgomery

After the soaking water weighs down the drywall panels covering the ceiling, this visual can often be seen. Fallen materials and contaminated insulation in Mont... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage to a Montgomery Building

The flood waters that entered this structure in Montgomery contained mud and other contaminants that required a fast removal and cleanup. This can be extracted ... READ MORE

Montgomery Storm and Water Damage

The stormwater that flowed in from the parking lot covered the office suite with about an inch or less of water. The water was relatively clean and a rapid wate... READ MORE